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2018 Kin selection and ethnic group selection Evolution and Human Behavior 39:9-18. PDF: ethnic group selection

2016 Socially enforced nepotism: How norms and reputation can amplify kin altruism PLoS ONE 11(6): e0155596. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0155596

2011 The matrilocal tribe, an organization of demic expansion Human Nature 22(1)277-300. PDF: matrilocal tribe

2010 Human kinship, from conceptual structure to grammar. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33(5):367-416 (with BBS comments). PDF: human kinship grammar

2009 Looks and living kinds: Varieties of racial cognition in Bahia, Brazil. Journal of Cognition and Culture 9(4):247-259. PDF: looks and living kinds

2004 The universal psychology of kinship: Evidence from language. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 8(5):211-215. PDF: universal_kin

2003 The generative psychology of kinship, part I: Cognitive universals and evolutionary psychology. Evolution and Human Behavior 24(5):303-319. PDF: generative_kin1

2003 The generative psychology of kinship, part II: Generating variation from universal building blocks with Optimality Theory. Evolution and Human Behavior 24(5):320-350. PDF: generative_kin2

2003 Kinship and deep history: Exploring connections between culture areas, genes, and languages. American Anthropologist 105(3):501-514. PDF: kin_deep_history

2000 Group nepotism and human kinship. Current Anthropology 41:779-809. PDF: group nepotism

2000 Physical attractiveness, race, and somatic prejudice in Bahia, Brazil, in Adaptation and Human Behavior: An Anthropological Perspective. edited by Lee Cronk, Napoleon Chagnon, and William Irons. New York: Aldine de Gruyter. pp. 133-152. PDF: somatic prejudice bahia

1999 Evolutionary psychology. Annual Review of Anthropology 28:553-575. PDF: evol_psychology

1996 An evolutionary perspective on physical attractiveness. Evolutionary Anthropology 5(3):97-109. PDF: evol_attractiveness

1995 Sexual selection, physical attractiveness and facial neoteny: Cross-cultural evidence and implications. Current Anthropology 36(5):723-748. PDF: neoteny_attractiveness

1993 Criteria of physical attractiveness in five populations. Human Nature 4(3):271-296. coauthor: Kim Hill. PDF: criteria of attractiveness


2010 Kinship, Language, and Prehistory: Per Hage and the Renaissance in Kinship Studies. coedited with Bojka Milicic. Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah Press.

1996 Physical Attractiveness and the Theory of Sexual Selection: Results from Five Populations. Ann Arbor, MI: Museum of Anthropology Press, University of Michigan. PDF: physical attractiveness sexual selection

REVIEW: 1997 Beverly I. Strassman, Quarterly Review of Biology 72(4):501


2012 History and group consciousness. Social Evolution Forum 2012/07/16


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